How to Create an Effective Press Release

Using a press release to get word out about a change in your company or the launching of a new business is often something overlooked by small business owners. What exactly is a press release and why can it greatly benefit the exposure of your business?

A press release serves as a document, which informs other businesses, the local and/or international media, trade and industry experts, and ultimately consumers that you, as a business, have some news to share. Your news could relate to any of the following topics:

  1. The announcement of a new business/product
  2. The announcement of a merger/partnership/or expansion
  3. The announcement of an event
  4. The announcement of a significant investor or client
  5. The announcement of a celebration

These are 5 broad reasons why you would want to write a press release – these 5 scenarios could happen to any business, and maybe some happen on a daily basis, so the trick is to make sure that you share news that is newsworthy – will people be interested? Will it drive the right attention to your business?

Once you understand what a press release is, you can begin the process of writing your own one effectively.

A basic press release (approx. 250 – 300 words) will look like this:

Place your company logo at the top of the page (preferably a professional-looking letterhead) and below this you will write the heading, for example:

Press Release:

For immediate release

[Insert business name]

[Insert business address]

Next is the subheading – for example:

Introducing the new and exciting product from Game World – The Racer 500!

Your subheading should inspire readers to read on and should excite them about the news.

Your introductory paragraph should be short, sweet and informative – grab their attention, be clear, to the point, and use this paragraph to really push your event, product, business, or milestone. This paragraph is the “star of the show”, so make it stand out! At this point you can also include any anecdotes or relevant quotes – make it entertaining!

The body of your press release will focus on the more factual aspects of your news – you might want to share reviews, your company’s history, your accomplishments, etc. This section adds a bit of a foundation and offers insight into your business/product/event – keep it interesting and keep it relevant to the topic at hand.

The final paragraph focuses on your contact information – nowadays it does not just mean sharing your telephone number and physical address, but rather it is an opportunity to share your website address, your social media accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn) as well as your email address.

In a nutshell, your press release should be professional, but conversational as well informative, but not too lengthy– you want to grab people’s attention, sweep them up in your news and inspire an action to share your news, follow your social media accounts as well support your business/product/event.

Written by Klara Loots – Founder, Content Creator and Social Media Manager


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